segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2012

A reflection on goth/gothic, the color black and horror movies - part 1.

Well, this post is going to be a little bit abstract, since this blog will have the ideas of mine that don´t fit well in my other blogs. 

I want to begin talking about the goth/gothc. Gothic to me is about mistery. Its about the supernatural, but it´s not about all aspects of the supernatural that I see abounding. I like gothic that evokes a sense of dread and mystery. Of respect even. A sacred darkness if you will. That´s why I anger myself at the thought of some art forms that have taken the mainstream. 

But let me digress a little bit here. I want to talk about the color black. There are a lot of shades to black. What I mean is this: there´s black that involves itself with BSDM for instance. Gimp suits and whatnot. One thing that comes to mind when thinking about movies is the obvious Hellraiser references. There´s also the black used by bikers. Bikers are somehow different from BSDM´ers, and goths are different from emo kids. But they all wear black. And I´m just scratching at the top of the iceberg. 

The thing is, someone sees someone using black and they can confuse one with the other? To the unenlightened (or endarkened) maybe. Black is used sometimes to define evil. That´s why evil in Star Wars (the obvious reference for this one) wears black. I´m not going to even delve into more religious references, because they are very, very obvious. 

I don´t like that. I mean, I like black, and I like that it gets connected to edgy, rougher take on life, but then it starts to get ridiculous. I mean, this almost universal notion that one who wears black is the most evil son-of-a-bitch, for instance. I don´t like it. No. Black to me is mystery. Black to me is the hint that there is something more, something else. The occult, that which is hidden. 

In this sense, I like the gothic take on things. It´s when they start to get much caught up in make up and start to being assholes to each other, that I don´t like them. But this is a talk for another time. Let me return to my point. 

The thing is, I don´t revel much into gory, torture porn, and "hahaha, I´m so fuckin evil" movies. Yes, deaths can occur, and yes, some level of discomfort is okay, but I have to start wondering when film maker/storytellers are crossing the line into dealing with some sort of sick figment of their personality. It´s exactly the same point. People think about horror and they think, for instance, the Hostel movies. Or, again Hellraiser(s). Therefore they also link black with, say, deranged violence and uttermost physical suffering. I don´t personally enjoy that, and that message specifically. 

I enjoy calm movies, with tension and atmosphere. With mystery and hints of supernatural elements. Movies in which jumpscares or gore abounds are almost never good (horror) movies/stories. They are there just for shock value, which is okay, for a while, I guess, but then you have to start wondering where the hell society, which upholds this type of story, went wrong. 

There´s what I think it´s wrong. For when you use black, people will link you to deranged, lunatic, downright evil people. As where black for me, is about the idea of being close to this mystery we call existence. 
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