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"The Sect of the Idiot" Review - Story by Thomas Ligotti, from the Graphic Novel "The Nightmare Factory".

I only have an access to this story in its graphic novel format, inside the publication known as "The Nightmare Factory". And what a great story it is. From what I can tell, the stories don´t change much from different format, since I also have another one in this particular collection that can be found in the book Teatro Grottesco, by Ligotti, and the tale doesn´t differ much. 

So, let´s see. 

First we have the summary. We have a man who moved to a city, which he appears to think he already knows it, though that can also be some sort of trickery of the mind. Then, whilst he is thinking about that, someone knocks on the door. It´s another guy, who doesn´t even introduce himself before he storms off. Before that, he asks the main character about the nice view of the room, and when he turns around to respond, the visitor is no longer there. That night, the character dreams about the town, and ends up in a room full of strange beings.

I´ll stop here so I don´t spoil it much.

We have various Ligotti themes here, but to me those that strike me is the symbolism of the town (also found in 'The Chymist' and 'The Last Feast of the Harlequin'), and also of the epiphany that leads a character to a strange life, never before imagined by him. 

The beings he encounters in a odd room dominate the world, as I understand, or are a part of something even more strange that they respond to - that dominates the world. 

Anyway, it´s an awesome story, as always, the ambience does it for me - whilst there appear to be just two (unnamed, no less) characters on the whole story - and 2 pieces of dialogue, the tale conveys more in the name of horror than entire books. It´s the ambience, the feeling of being lost since the very beggining, that nails it perfectly. 

Thomas Ligotti writes to a voice deep down on us, that some already are familiar with. Hence his loyal following. I am yet to read a story by him that don´t enjoy. 

In a way, we are like the main character, discovering our way, and more about ourselves in this existence, through getting in touch with Ligotti´s worldview. 

The art of the graphic novel format is top notch as well, kudos to this artist´s work, Nick Stackal and Lee Loughridge. The written work for the graphic rendering is by Stuart Moore. 

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