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Uzumaki - Manga Review

Uzumaki is an horror manga from mangaka Junji Ito. 

Summary: The story happens in a city of Japan, called Kurozu-cho. It´s a normal, small japanese town until Strange events begin to take place, with a lot of the locals beginning to talk about some "spirals". The story is mostly viewed through the eyes of a girl, called Kirei. Her dad is one of the first afflicted with the "spiral lunacy", that manifests generally as people become obsessed with the form of a spiral. Complications ensue, eventually turning the town upside down.

I gotta come frank, I never really thought I could be frightened by reading a manga quietly in my room. With no music, and no jump scares, I thought I was pretty safe right? Well, wrong!

Everything is normal in the first two pages, but it soon starts to get increasingly creepy. You can feel the atmosphere taking place, and worst of all, coming after you even. Though I´m not enthralled by sights of any spirals - unlike the poor inhabitants of that city - I can see the same allure some other things have in our lives, an allure that Ito´s story carefully points out to us. It´s a story that has a other-worldly enemy of sorts, not a specific monster, but a whole ambience. It controls people using no arms and no legs - it reaches and turn them into freaks - sometimes literally. 

You can feel the dread all around, and in the final chapters of the manga you can even begin to feel the whispers and suffering of the populace. You can help but to feel sorry for them, as they get get snared by 'the spiral'. 

It´s no wonder that Junji Ito says he´s influenced by the likes of none other than H.P. Lovecraft - since the story has many semblances and shout-outs regarding the concepts and ideas of stories of the Providence writer. 

Junji Ito stands on its own as a veritable master of horror. Definitely recommended material. 

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