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Review - "The Enigma of Amigara Fault" by Junji Ito.

I already reviewed a work by Junji Ito before, called Uzumaki, which is absolutely weird and terrifying. Now, I get to review a very brief work of him called "The Enigma of Amigara Fault". This weird, horrific story is located at the back of another famous one by the same mangaka called "Gyo", which I haven´t already reviewed, but have already read - and it´s also one incredible tale. It´s a brief, short narrative (which, particularly, I find amusing, because horror stories tend to mix well with such format, not that there´s anything wrong with larger scale, novel like stories) that tells us about a curious happening in modern Japan countryside - as most of his well known works tend to begin with.  

If you know his oeuvres already, you know what you are in for, and boy, does it deliver. A chilling, creepily weird story this one is, in Ito´s traditional style. But I´m getting ahead of myself here.

First things first. 

The story has a very interesting premise - one day, after an earthquake in some rural region of Japan, a "fault" has appeared, an specific piece of the Amigara mountain region sprung up, revealing in itself some curious holes... in humanoid shape! 

From then on, it only gets weirder. 

SPOILERS ahead. 

People gather around to marvel at the discovery, but then some find themselves attracted to the holes in the mountain, feeling that they should enter them. As the hole fit a person, and are made in the precise fitness to that specific person - or so it appears - the person finds herself entering deeper into the rock of the mountain, only to find herself trapped in this eldritch pitfall. 

It is unnerving as any other story by this craftsman, featuring the style he is know for. Haunting and creepy, but much smaller in size than his other tales, so if you wanted to check him out and didn´t want to commit to a larger story line, choose this one and I´m sure you won´t regret it, if you enjoy your surreal - and ontological - horror.

Positive Points:
- Horror at it´s finest;
- Quick to read;
- Junji Ito - enough said;

Negative Points:
- Ahn... Still trying to find one..;

Rating - 5 crows.

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