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[Anime Review] Jigoku Shoujo - (Hellgirl)

This anime is a little bit different than I thought it would be. Before watching it, I thought it would be like that girl from the Ring, that just came and made a mess of terror and all. And with that name, how can you blame me? But I actually went in for a surprise. 

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Well, the anime (and manga) revolves mainly around the idea that there´s a website that appears at midnight only (I found this idea very interesting, but the anime doesn´t delve too much into this, but still!) that communicates with a being called Hell Girl. If you write your name there, she comes for you to take revenge for you on someone who is in turn making your like unbearable. There´s a catch though, that you also get to be sent straight to hell after you die, because you called upon such powers in the first place. Ouch!


The anime is a tad different than I thought it would be. First of all, there is not just the Hell girl taking revenge, but she is helped through it by some friends - 2 other guys, and a mature woman. Together, they run the business, though it seems to the viewer that the de facto leader of the group is the Jigoku Shoujo herself. To me, as a viewer of just half the episodes of the first season, there´s no reasoning or explanation of why that is so. Perhaps in the manga? I don´t know. Anyway. 

Other than that, I thought it would be like movies such as The Ring, where there is a lot of jump scares and so on, but it actually isn´t. There´s some horror, but most of it is about mood, and surreality. It is actually beautiful sometimes. The protagonist girl from hell actually takes people to the afterlife through a scene of a lot of flowers coming out from her kimono (!!). No joke!

Anyway, the stories are a bit formulaic. The same thing happens in the anime, over and over. There´s a story about someone who is suffering, because of an assh*le, and then they call upon the help of Jigoku Shoujo and her crew to take revenge upon such assh*le, and that´s about it. The interesting part comes in the ending, when the crew creates a special kind of hell for every wrongdoer. It´s very surreal and interesting. 

I guess that´s it. 

If you like you surreal horror, moody atmosphere of creepiness and a bit of the old school horror genre, this anime might be for you. 

Positive points:
- Atmosphere and creepy mood; 

Negative points: 
- Stories are a bit formulaic;
- Undeveloped potential;

Rating - 3 crows!

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