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[Anime Review] Sci-fi Harry.

Wow. I never thought I would do reviews of works of art I didn´t quite enjoy in this website, because I thought, hey, I don´t have to. Since nobody is paying me, I can just sit back and choose the titles I like the most to review. That is all. I don´t have to stick to anime, movie, or anything else, just because someone ordered me to. This is my blog, after all. 

So in light of this, I was surprised when I watched this little piece of obscure animation that is Sci-fi Harry almost until the end. And not enjoying while at that. But I´m getting ahead of myself. 

Let´s begin with the overview. 

For more technical info, there´s always the wikipedia page ready for you


Sci-fi Harry has an interesting premise, although not at all that much original (but who cares much about originality, right?). There´s a strange guy in an american high-school who is not very good with sports, and it´s more akin to the proverbial geek or nerd, who, hey, just discovers that he has psychic powers too, by the end of the first episode. So far so good. 

He ends up facing distresses like an obscure organization chasing after him, his needs and emotions as a teenager, the desire for the girl, and a myriad of other drama oriented instances. 

That´s the gist of it, anyways.


Well. Let´s see. The show starts in a boom. And I do mean that. In the first episode there´s an explosion (caused by the title mentioned and protagonist, Harry) that marks the beginning of his discovery of his psychic powers.

And there´s also something else that made me watch episode after episode, which was the fact that this was a veritable mystery thriller kinda story, which comes very, very rarely in the anime medium. I had the feeling I was watching one of those old days X-files episodes, the same thrilling songs, the same chill down the spine. 

And for the most part, it is quite amazing and does its job. 

But for me, unfortunately, there´s a turning point in which these things, if not handled correctly, just become dull and boring.

This is the graph. 
What things, you may ask? Well, the mystery, question oriented, plot oriented stuff. For the most part, like I said, it really works. It´s engaging, and it´s mysterious, and it´s exactly what I was looking for... until... you know... episode 10 or so. 

Since the last episodes, though, it just becomes dull. It became a drag to watch, with too much stares, too much relying on sound effect alone, and none of the mystery being solved or coming to a resolution; the plot just swam and died on a beach of zero solutions. It drags too long with too many open questions, until the viewer just gives up and say - you know what, f*ck this. 

Choose your meme. 
Yeah, open questions, too many of them. And don´t get me wrong, I like my share of open questions in a mystery! It´s supposed to be like that. But after a while, if you don´t in fact, plan, at least, in the most shallow, and superficial of ways, to actually, I don´t know, give some answer to some of the questions, people begin to get pissed.

Some example of the (open) questions are:

1) Why does Harry have powers? 
2) Did that Myscylus Mick guy had powers as well, or was he just delusional? 
3) Why does Catherine dislikes John? 
4) Does Catherine like Harry? 
5) Who is that "Mother" guy? 
6) Who and what are the powers of that Chinori girl?
7) Why that soldier girl could overcome the powers of Chinori?
8) Does Chinori actually has powers, since she says that Harry has "the real thing?"
9) Why does everybody teases Harry with the thought that he doesn´t understand things all the while never telling him anything? 
I could go on, but you get the idea. 

It´s turns out not to be engaging anymore. It just feels lazy. Anybody can pull a lot of questions out of their ass. Children are very good at that, for instance. But if you don´t plan on never answering, or linger on answering the questions, all the while creating a whole bunch of them, then the viewers are bound to become bored at some point. 

That´s the thing, the issue, I have with this anime. I liked it so much in the beginning, and I wish I could have endured it till the end, liking it until the final episode. But I couldn´t. It was too much for me. 

Positive points:
- Mystery;
- Creepiness;
- Interesting characters;

Negative points;
- Plot never seem to get anywhere;
- Too much "Twilight stares";
- Too much unanswered questions - or half-assed answered questions;

Rating - 2 crows.

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