quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2014

Why can I sleep better while listening to Aggaloch?

Yeah. There´s that. 

I´ve noticed that I sleep much better, and quickly, whenever I´m listening to some music that I enjoy. But never I have thought that what is considered doom metal, folk metal, or a myriad other denominations and genres (I´m not going to go there, guys, sorry). Mainly, I´m talking about the band Aggalloch here, which I consider, you know, to be pretty good. Mainly it´s album called 'The Mantle', which can't get enough compliments from me. 

Though the sound of this masterpiece is somewhat mellow (this is even from the wikipedia entry on the album) and more paced - ok, this part, that´s not a 'scientific' description of the sound, that´s only me, a non-expert in musical affairs, talking about how it feels for me -  so it makes a perfect sound to sleep to, whether you believe me or not. It also helps that I enjoy the themes and what I can hear from the songs while I´m trying to enter Morpheus' realm.

I´m sure I´m not the only one right? That can sleep with what is considered part of the heavy metal (again, not going there) genre playing right beside me? Though, to be fair, as I said above, this album is regarded by them as pretty mellow and of course, you have to keep the sound lower than what is considered the norm at parties and festivals.

Nevertheless, it was kinda surprising to me that I could sway my way into Morpheus' realm while using doom metal music as a catalyst.

Here´s my tip to you all, you mavericks out there. 

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