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5 fictional cops who I would like to see more of.

This list is not in correct order, meaning there´s no meaning in their numbers, and this is just a way to organize this fictional police officers and detectives list, that comprises some (not all, but the most important so far, to me) of those that I would like to see more on screen, each in their own fictional worlds/works.

So without further ado, let´s jump in. 

5. Dale Cooper (from show Twin Peaks)
FBI agent Dale Cooper features in the awesome conceptual show called Twin Peaks. The show is a mix of a soap opera with the weird and surreal, with a whodunit starter plot just for good measure. I haven´t seen the whole show yet, but Dale Cooper strikes me as one of those detectives that are just... great. I have no other words to it. A mix of a buddhist, and a bit of a maverick as well, though not as strange as some of the others inhabitants of the Twin Peaks community, he deserves to be mentioned here as one of the most bizarre and awesome mix of detectives ever to grace a fictional world. 

4. Fox Mulder (from the show X-Files)

Now, Dale Cooper is to Fox Mulder, what Nietzsche would be to Schopenhauer. Though they lived "chronologically" close to each other, Fox Mulder was the one who was meta-influenced by the character of Dale Cooper, since his titular show, X-Files, began airing in 1993, whereas Cooper´s show lasted until 1991. A special FBI agent, such as Cooper, Mulder also believed in bizarre stuff, and was responsible for much of the run of the incredibly game-changer of a show that was X-Files. While both Mulder (and Cooper, in a lesser extent) weren´t really cops per se, more than walking plot devices who helped the audience connect with their shows, they both deserve their spot and mention on this list. 

3. Agent Cooper (from the movie Snitch - 2013)

This officer is one of those type of cops that at first, give off that vibe that they just might be crazier than some of the people they are after. With a huge goatee, he is a different beast from the other previous two, who look like your regular person (the looks are not everything, though!). He is displayed less through his show, which is a movie, and he is not even the movie´s protagonist, but we can see moments of brilliance on the few scenes he´s in. Deserves his mention, for looking like a bad ass and having the skills to boot. 

2. David Loki (from the movie Prisoners - 2013)

This detective is, like the one above him, not your usual guy when it comes to looks. Tattooed from the neck to his hands, and with a huge pinky masonic ring, he is definitely one the last people you would readily trust in real life. But you would be wrong, because underneath his shell, you can see he is a thoughtful, concerned and collected individual - who endured the movie´s Keller Dover character shenanigans way too much, in my opinion. Despite not having the entire movie's focus on him, his deuteragonist position gives us a lot of time to appreciate his brilliance with regards to his detective skills, and they are great. Definitely worth to be mentioned here. 

1. Rustin Spencer Cohle (from the series True Detective, season 1, 2014)

Like the first ones to be mentioned (Cooper and Mulder), the first we see of Rust, in the show´s 1995 iteration, he looks like your regular american guy - clean shaved, well kept hair. Awesome detective. We fast forward a couple years to the future, and in 2012, he is already one of those dudes, like Agent Cooper from Snitch, which you may think are just as "rad" as many criminals. Grown, unkempt hair and beard abound, in Cohle´s 2012 persona. Plus, he delves into many supernatural and preternatural themes pretty much all of the mentioned here (with the exception of Agent Cooper) delve into, which just gets him more points. Like the others, his strengths and cop skills are great, plus he has time to have proper character development, because he is an series - with merely 8 episodes, but still.


Well, here it was my brief list, of 5 detectives I wish that I could see/have seen more of. What are yours? What did you think? Comment below and share!

Disclaimer: The pictures are not my property and were used with the purpose of illustration. No copyright infringement intended. Some images were taken from wikipedia and wikia sources, and some of them have a lower resolution than the originals to display the absence of intention to harm the copyrights. 

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