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5 black clad badasses from ANIME

5. D from Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D brings the titular character, a damphir (an offspring between a vampire and a human), to light. D, as he is called, is one of the most badass damphirs and supernatural creature on his universe. Other than that, the guy is incredibly powerful in vampiric sorcery, carries a huge sword, and has a parasitic monster of a left hand. You can´t get much more badass than that. 

4. Kirito, from Sword Art Online.

Kirito is a nickname of a guy who can only be understood as one of the luckiest and/or most adept anime characters to date. On the outside, he is just a regular human, but he is a badass worthy of many songs. Inside the virtual reality of the games he plays in, he is one of the strongest there is, always. You can always count on him, and even when he is not fighting per se, he just oozes this confidence and charisma, and you just feel the guy knows what´s up. Nicknamed "the black swordsman" for his prowess (as another one character we´ll get to see) with swords, he is surfing the top of the wave right now because people all over the place are expecting to see more badass stuff coming from him in this year´s expected new season of SAO. 

3. Sakanoue Gammon from Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. 

This guy deserves the entry because he is badass. He starts of as a rival to the protagonist of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle, and develops from there. You always feel that sort of rival vibe, that he is always against Kaito, but at the same time, he is almost a friend. A friendly rivalry? That´s Gammon. Plus, he is a genius puzzle solver. And also a maker (a Giver, inside Phi Brain´s universe). He is intelligent and quick witted, and is dressed from neck to toe on biker gear. Yeah. He drives a bike. Like Wolverine. Yeah. Did I mention he is a badass?

2. Kazuya Shibuya from Ghost Hunt.

Ok, for some people, Kazuya may not be the badass type they are used to. But the guy deals with paranomal phenomena on a daily basis, on a world such as ours. Just a regular human guy, tackling on supernatural sh*t. Last I checked, that was one of the definitions of badass. 

1. Guts from Berserk. 

Carries a huge sword? Check. Is quick-witted? Check. Tackle supernatural sh*t? Check. Is a huge shallow individual until we get to know more of him and see that he has such a sad and filling back story we can´t help to root for him? Double check. Guts is an anti-hero, on a world that being an anti-hero is the highest moral ground there is. But he is not a jerk, he has standards and principles. He even tries to contain himself when his inner demon comes about. He is friends with a new party of individuals (as of now) and tries to lead them one to a path of righteousness - or what passes for it, in his universe. Plus he had the nickname "the black swordsman" before Kirito. So if Kirito is a badass with a sword... well... Guts more than deserves to be mentioned here. 


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What are your black clad heroes or villains from Animes in general? Did I forget anyone? Tell me below!



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